Miriam recently bought a new water bottle from Target. It’s interesting how many different kinds of water bottles there are. Water bottle technology has really boomed since the introduction of the indestructible Nalgene bottles that started to pop up when I was in middle school.


When I asked Miriam what drew her to this specific bottle in an entire aisle of different kinds of water bottles she said “this one was cute”. She was right. The bottle was cute. Her new water bottle was adorned with green flowers with a blue center. The top of the water bottle is also blue and altogether the entire bottle is “cute”.


Of course the bottle is cute. It has to be cute to have found a spot on a Target shelf. Target has definitely ended up being our go to destination for artisanal wares (we could benefit from some shopping exploration).


Today was a gorgeous day. Temperatures today rose to lower 70’s with clear skies and a slight breeze. Looking into my backyard, which is full of trees, I caught a picturesque glimpse of the sky’s bright blue backdrop, which contrasted the lush emerald leaves.   It was gorgeous. There was brief pause of worship in my mind for God. I caught myself nodding and thinking “God is an artist”.


The green and blue that I was absorbing in that moment reminded me of my wives new water bottle. She bought it because it was “cute”. But nothing that man ever makes will ever hold a candle to what God has created. The most creative, artistic or skilled human can never create anything as beautiful as what God has made.


What I saw was only my backyard. There are only so many people in this world who have had opportunity to take in the many sights and masterpieces of God. But, in God’s affinity for beauty and sharing He has graciously scattered His dazzling work ubiquitously.