Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
As many of you know, my wife Judy was diagnosed with Covid-19 last weekend. We want you to know that she, along with the rest of the household, are quarantining at home. Judy’s symptoms are those of a bad cold with a headache, but overall is doing okay. Pat and Johnny and I have all been tested. Pat and I are negative, Johnny is awaiting results, and we all feel fine. We appreciate your prayers.

The question for us as a church is, what do we do with this information? Judy hasn’t been in the sanctuary since July 12, but out of an abundance of caution, and to provide the safest possible environment, the Elders and Suzie and I think it best that we suspend our in-person worship for a couple of weeks. We will continue to present an online worship service, although these will be remote experiences, rather than being held in our sanctuary.

The way it stands now we would resume in person worship at 10:00am on Sunday, August 9. Between now and then we will make sure the lobby, sanctuary, and bathrooms are sanitized, as well as stairways, the elevator, and any other part of the building we use. If circumstances change we will let you know as soon as possible.

We understand that there will be those who are uncomfortable worshiping in person when we open up again, and we want to encourage you that no one should feel obligated to attend. When you do worship with us again we want you to feel safe and secure not only in the arms of Jesus, but in our building as well.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please let us know

May God bless us all, and his church around the world.

Your friend and brother,

Lead Minister
New Brighton Christian Church